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Posted on: 2016-03-15 10:18:30
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How to unblock a toilet Paddington

Toilets can get blocked because of awkward items which may be flushed inside like the toys of children and their nappies. However, most of the time it may be caused by putting too much toilet paper inside. Some things should not be put inside the toilet like fat, grease, bottles, rags, papers and scraps. When hot fat is put in the toilet, it cools down as it enters and it may lead to a blockage.

Besides having a blocked toilet Paddington because of the toilet bowl, the problem can also be the result of the main sewer pipes being blocked because of tree roots that grow into the sewer pipe through cracks or the joints. The soil also can block the pipe when there is a crack. Whenever you think that you have a blocked toilet, you should not flush since it will only make it overflow and it may lead to even more work and damage.

Whenever you suffer from a blocked toilet Paddington, you will think first about getting rubber gloves and the plunger. However, you may find out that the perfect product is in your kitchen and it can also be a cheaper option to deal with your blocked toilet. This product is the dishwashing liquid. However, you should know that this technique may not work with all blockages since all blockages are not equal and it will depend on what is causing the blockage. When you want to use the dishwashing liquid, you should put it in a bowl, wait for a time until the dishwashing liquid reaches the bottom and then start to lubricate the trapway of the toilet where the toilet paper may have gotten stuck. After that you should add hot water in the bowl and it will mix with the washing up liquid and will work its way into the trapway and push the toilet paper within while shifting the blockage.

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