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Washing Machine & Dishwasher Repair Service, Paddington & Bayswater, w2

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Local Washing Machine & Dishwasher Repair Service

One of the most commonly reported problems for those who need household appliance service in Paddington, Bayswater, W2 is washing machine repair. Leaky washing machines may be merely a nuisance at first, and quickly develop into a more serious problem if left unchecked. Before your problems turn into an emergency situation, it is recommended to seek out help with regular maintenance within the home. At A1 plumbers, servicing Paddington, Bayswater, W2 area, you can have access to affordable on-site washing machine repair service that comes with a six-month guarantee, ensuring that you will not have to keep calling up the plumber repeatedly.

Washing Machine Repairs in Paddington, Bayswater, W2

Washing machines are typically low maintenance. If you wash seven or eight loads a week, for about a load per day, the machine should last for six to eight years before a real fault develops. The majority of faults that occur before this time are usually caused by the users and are not “real” machine faults. So when it breaks down, why pay fixed repairs costs? Our average repair cost is only £70.00, including parts. Simply unblocking a minor blockage, which is very often the fault, would present a very nice profit to those offering fixed price repairs.

Dishwasher Repairs & Service in Paddington, Bayswater, W2

Dishwashers generally remain in very good condition because they do not shake and rattle like washing machines and so have a much longer lifespan. However, they will require a service from time to time. Be cautious with fixed price repairs. Our average repair cost is only £70.00, including parts. Sometimes all that is needed is a service. Ring for a chat so that we can establish where your dishwasher is going wrong. It may be something as benign as a little hard water buildup, but many company repair people will attempt to talk you into buying a new machine instead of repairing the existing one.

Appliance Services Paddington, Bayswater, W2

A1 Plumbers appliance engineers are local and offer top quality washing machine repairs in Paddington, Bayswater, W2 and surrounding areas. Yes, we are small enough to care and still deliver a quality of service that is beyond the reach of the much larger companies in Paddington, Bayswater, W2.

Inspections and repairs are carried out to most brands and their models. With years of experience in washing machine and dishwasher repairs in Paddington, Bayswater, W2. You can rest assured that by choosing us you choose affordable and quality service. Choose A1 plumbers who specialise in appliances will help you get the best service will ensuring that your workman knows the machine that he or she is working on.